Custom Face Sex Doll personalized sex doll


  • 1x Sex Doll Head
  • 1x High Quality Wig

Browse our large selection of sex doll heads below! Here at RLLD we want our customers to have the freedom of choice and access to numerous options. Why settle with the appearance of only one face on your new sex doll when you can have more? Add an extra interchangeable doll head to your order and you’ll have two new companions/sex partners to choose from! Or purchase an individual head to use with the sex doll you already have to mix things up!

Our sex doll heads can be easily swapped onto all of the sex dolls we offer at RLLD, as well as other company’s doll bodies such as WM Brand dolls. If you currently have a different brand of sex doll other then RLLD or WM we recommend Contacting Us first to ensure our heads are compatible with your doll!


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