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hirealdoll Doll Skeleton & Joint Movements

hirealdoll 155F Full TPE Demo & Softness Test

hirealdoll 155F Full Silicone With Body Painting Demo & Softness Test

hirealdoll 135 Slim Full Silicone With Body Painting Demo & Softness Test

Makeup Adherence & Demo of TPE VS. Silicone

hirealdoll Resistant Articulated Metal Finger Joints
The articulated finger joints of hirealdoll is made of metal with 20 movable joints. They are even more resistant than the wired finger joints that are made of thick copper wires.

We highly recommend you to read the delivery policy carefully in the «Store Policy» tab as well as the instruction below before placing your order to get the best service from us and to fully understand how to customize your dream doll!

Yes, yes and yes for one more time. Let me introduce you hirealdoll Doll, the only anime doll maker in town that can customize our dream anime characters by using custom make up, custom eyes, wigs and cosplay. You can choose an anime doll within the existing collection page or create your own anime hirealdoll doll with different facial expressions.

In October 2021, hirealdoll announced that they can now custom make all their dolls in both medical degree TPE and platinum silicone. HiRealDoll has imported several hirealdoll dolls in the past and we certify that hirealdoll produces absolutely remarkable and premium quality anime dolls.

Please see below the procedures for how to create an anime hirealdoll doll.

1. Choose one body within the current available body shapes.

hirealdoll Doll 135cm

135 AA
135 AA Slim
135 G

hirealdoll Doll 145cm

145 B
145 D

hirealdoll Doll 155cm

155 F
155 H

2. Define a compatible anime head with a body.

3. Before launching the production, a makeup simulation of the entire facial result for your anime doll will be presented to you. hirealdoll doll will custom the eyes and the make up based on the photo you’ve chosen. Please see an example below. Once this result is validated, the production will be launched and the average production lead time is 15 days for TPE dolls and 30 – 45 days for silicone dolls depending on the bodies.

4. Depending on the chosen head and the body, hirealdoll doll can restore on average 80% of the anime character thanks to their personalised makeup. The full replication of the anime character by using making up is unlikely since there will always be differences in makeup (which is completely manual), wig colors or style, head and body shapes and etc. There is no additional custom fees if you choose an existing custom doll. The result in general looks like below:

5. We provide premium tailor service to for your anime dolls and to restore your anime character to the maximum level! Below are the result of the outfits made by our tailor.

6. Click the link to see the photos shared by our customers. You are welcome to share the photos of your anime waifu with us !!!

The doll is sold without any of the clothes and accessories / jewels shown in the photos.

Some product pictures are taken with paid options such as hair implants, realistic body painting or blue/red skin colors. Those paid options are usually not included in the default version of the doll and you may need to pay a supplement to get them.

Photographers sometimes use their own wigs during photoshoots. As such it is not always possible to get the exact same wig as displayed on the product pictures. Please refer to the wig section on this product page to know which wig model is available for your doll.

Follow @hirealdoll to get access to our latest blog posts and products release.

If you have questions about our products check our very complete FAQ section which contains a lot of tips and useful information about our sex dolls.

If you still don’t find the answers that you are looking for, please contact us via messenger or at and we’ll come back to you quickly.

Don’t forget to check our other amazing collections before leaving!

If you can’t find your dream doll among our existing collection you can also create your own sex doll with custom face on our create the face of your dream page.

If you want to see dolls’ customers and factory photos we invite you to visit our photo sections to check the pre-shipment and customer feedback photos.

Free international shipping.

Pre-shipment pictures available on request.

Average Shipping Time:

USA & Canada: 7 to 12 days
European Union: 5 to 8 weeks
Japan, Singapore, Taiwan: 5 to 8 days
UK, Norway, Switzerland: 10 to 15 days
Australia, Romania: 10 to 15 days ($100 to $300 extra shipping fees)
New Zealand, Israel, Turkey: 10 to 25 days ($100 to $300 extra shipping fees)
Chili, South Africa: 10 to 25 days (at least $300 extra shipping fees)
Click this link for our complete shipping policy.

Choose Your Custom Options:
Body Shape * :

–Choose Body Shape–
TPE or Silicone :

Face * :
When you choose face from the existing collection, there will be no makeup simulation photo since the face could be found in the existing product photos. When you choose to custom a new anime face, we will send you the makeup simulation for validation prior to the production.

Name of your anime character :
To better restore your character, please leave us the name and origin of your anime character
Photo for wig custom eyes and makeup of eye area * :
The wig is on a best effort basis. We can’t guarantee that it will be exactly the same as your photo. Please expect few differences in color or hair style.
Photo for lip expression if it is different from the 1st photo :
Skin Color :
The color settings can be different on different devices. The actual skin color of the doll might vary slightly.

Breasts (Free Jelly breasts for all bodies except for A Cup) :
By default we offer you free jelly breasts and only solid breasts for 135AA bodies

Body Painting :
Silicone bodies come by default with realistic body paintings. There is no body painting for TPE bodies.

Stainless metal EVO skeleton (Free upgrade) :

Promo: Free enhanced shoulder joints :
Improved and more solid metal skeleton with more flexible joints. More postures possibilities.

Articulated Finger Joints :
Articulated finger joints are made of metal and they are more resistant than wired joints made of copper wires. You will be able to make different poses using the articulated finger joints.

Feet :
When you choose regular feet, your doll cannot stand.

Love Holes :
Removable vagina contains 1 insert and it is easy for cleaning. Built-in vagina gives realistic sexual pleasures and does not need inserts but you have to carry the entire doll to shower after sex.

Extra Vagina Inserts :
Compatible with removable vagina. No insert is needed for built-in / fixed vagina.

TPE Penis Adaptor :
It is made of TPE and can only be used with TPE bodies.

1 Extra Anime Head :

Extra Wigs :

Extra Eyes :
You can upload 1 photo per custom pair of eyes in the section below.

Tailor Service :
We can tailor make outfits for your anime dolls to restore the character. Accessories and shoes are not included. The production lead time and price can vary depending on the complexity of the request.

Storage :
Depending on the weight of the chosen doll, some cannot be sent in a flight case due to the weight restriction for international shipping. Under circumstance that the doll is too big or too heavy we will request extra payment for shipping of the flight case.


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